Linksys Finally Bringing HomeKit to Velop Routers [U]

UPDATE: It would now seem that the firmware required for HomeKit functionality for the Velop mesh routers has now started to slowly roll out, with some users being notified of new firmware updates now being available. The confirmation that the planned rollout has finally begun is great news for those with the models that will get the updates. The Tri-band packages to get the updates will be;

All of the above WHW models are simply the same model, just in one, two, or three-packs, either in white or black (B).

Back in mid-February, we reported on Linksys posting news of their Velop Mesh routers getting an update to make them HomeKit compatible, only for the company to pull the article from their site, claiming it was all a mistake. However, we’ve since heard from a few sources that this update is close to finally becoming a reality, with on Reddit user (u/deankingdk) having contacted Linksys via Twitter, to have confirmation that the update should arrive sometime before the end of October.

To confirm this was legitimate, we contacted the company ourselves and got pretty much the same information (as seen above). To compound this news, it would also appear this update is actually available to some customers in the Middle East, according to, who state that the Velop Tri-Band mesh router system “now support Apple HomeKit for added security in the Middle East”, with a representative from Amanulla Khan (managing director, Linksys MEA) being quoted as saying;

At a time where much of the world continues to work, live and learn from home, we’re excited to offer our customers in the region a simple way to enhance the security of their Linksys Velop Tri-Band routers with HomeKit to offer even more robust privacy features within the home…

To date, only the Eero and Eero Pro mesh router systems support Apple HomeKit, which offers a robust set of functions to keep tabs on not only your home network in relation to your smart devices but will also track any devices that aren’t acting in a way conducive to privacy.

Whether this update is actually out in the region or is still coming soon, we can’t be certain as of yet, but to add to the confusion (unfortunately), when visiting the UAE version of Linksys’ website, whilst the Velop mesh routers are listed, there’s no mention of HomeKit at all, which is odd considering the other regional Linksys websites still have the HomeKit logo displayed, with ‘Coming soon’ next to them. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but if any of our readers in the UAE have any information on this, please drop a comment!

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