New Nanoleaf ‘Shapes’ Spotted at Home Depot

Early this summer, the latest addition to the line of Nanoleaf products came out, namely the Nanoleaf Hexagons. When they were initially promoted via email, the company mentioned their new lighting system, called Connect+, which included a sort of logo that hinted at future products to come. Well, it now seems the new shapes are in fact called ‘Nanoleaf Shapes’, although they are in essence, simple mini triangles and new versions of the current triangle shapes. These are designed to connect to the hexagon panels to both create new shapes, as well as fill the gaps created by connecting the hexagon and new triangle light panels to create seamless walls of light.

It was rumoured that the new mini light panels would be officially announced by Nanoleaf sometime around Mid-October, but the Mini Shapes seem to be out already at Home Depot, as spotted by an eagle-eyed fan on the r/Nanoleaf subReddit.

These shapes did previously appear on a Chinese online store earlier in the year but were quickly removed, due to them actually not being announced.

Currently, it seems that the new Triangle shapes are selling at US$200.00 for seven panels, and US$120.00 for a 5-panel pack of the mini triangles, or an expansion pack, that includes ten panels for the same price (oddly enough), although maybe the 10-pack doesn’t come with the main control tile.

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