New Aqara ‘Body Sensor’ Surfaces Online

Whilst Aqara may be releasing new, and at times, innovative products at a relatively rapid pace, it seems that some users can’t wait to share images of forthcoming Aqara products themselves too. Yesterday one user on Chinese social media platform Weibo revealed a product we previously spotted in the Aqara app after a recent update that revealed plenty of new devices, and in this case, the product is the ‘High Precision Motion Sensor’.

image credits: Brother Lin Shi via Weibo

Before you get too excited however, Aqara has informed us that this product will be a b2b (Business to Business) product only, and is unlikely to be available for sale to the general public in China, let alone internationally. The OP described this as a body sensor which he claims is not only able to detect motion as standard, but can even detect people even when they’re sitting still, reading a book or having a bath, for example.

According to some FAQs that also surfaced a while ago, the sensor comes with the option for three levels of sensitivity, and due to its shape, can even be mounted into the ceiling, much like a downlight…only without the light part.

As with virtually all of Aqara’s products, it will support Zigbee (we assume Zigbee 3.0 at this point) and will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, although given that it’s a b2b product for Chinese companies only, it’s unlikely to be certified to work with Amazon Alexa or Hey Google.

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