HomeKit Support For Flic Arriving Soon

Swedish tech startup Flic, last year launched version 2 of their popular smart buttons and associated bridge, and whilst HomeKit was on the company’s ‘to-do’ list that was meant to arrive with the release of the updated hub and buttons, many were disappointed that it all seemingly came to nothing in this regard.

Hopefully, this is all set to change, with word that the Flic 2 has been in beta testing for a while, with official HomeKit support allegedly due to drop in the next few days. This has in part come from a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of the Flic app showing Flic 2 buttons listed, with an option to add them to HomeKit. When asked about the posted image and whether the image is for the v2 Flic Bridge, the user stated: “Currently in Beta. Release any day now. Flic hub LR with HomeKit support”.

The Flic Hub LR is the second-gen hub, which was slated for HomeKit support when it was first announced in 2019, so it seems to have taken an exorbitant amount of time to get to this stage, but if it does indeed drop as the Reddit user claims, many current users are in for an early Christmas present, albeit one they should maybe have gotten in 2019…

Whilst it’s unlikely that the 1st gen Flic products will ever get the HomeKit upgrade, for the Flic 2 buttons, the basic improvements include longer battery life, increasing the life of the batteries by up to 60%, and a larger range, thanks to new Bluetooth technology. The updated buttons are more durable, considering their size, along with a more tactile feel and new design. The new design also takes the form of built-in LEDs, which help give you feedback in a variety of ways.

The newer Flic LR Bluetooth Hub, that will allow Flic devices to be exposed to Apple’s home automation platform once the update drops, works with 5gHz Wifi networks, which for smart home devices is rather uncommon. One thing that makes Flic buttons of major interest to many smart home users who may also dabble with other platforms and standalone systems, is the multitude of third-party devices they’re designed to work with, including Android TV, Apple Music, Bose SoundTouch, Ecobee, Nanoleaf, Logitech Harmony, IFTTT, Ikea and dozens more. So, with the introduction of HomeKit support, it would seem that Flic’s longevity in the smart home arena will be extended further.

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3 thoughts on “HomeKit Support For Flic Arriving Soon

  • This has been coming for a long time I thought they had gone out of business. I never believe the coming soon claims until it’s actually a shipping product. Just like Ring or Nest coming soon. All of a bunch of hype and nothing to show for it.

    • The update for HomeKit support will be released tomorrow (Dec 2nd).

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