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The New HomePod Mini ‘Color’ – In Orange!

The new HomePod Minis, released in three exciting new colours, have been released in various territories now, and whilst these new models aren’t actually any different to the original HomePods Mini with the exception of the colours on offer – Yellow, Blue, and in the case of this video – Orange, I twisted my own arm to go out and buy one from the nearest Apple Store (an hour away on public transport each way…) so you could see this brief 1-minute unboxing. Even the box is orange!

Of course, the HomePod Mini in all its colour variants, is an important part of the HomeKit ecosystem in that it’s a ‘Home Hub’ for HomeKit automations, as well as a hub for both Bluetooth and Thread devices, not to mention it has Siri built-in for voice control of your smart home devices.


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