Netatmo Reveal Upcoming Carbon Monoxide Sensor

French smart home company Netatmo has unveiled a surprise product, their very own Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm, which detects carbon monoxide in your home, and alerts you via the built-in siren in the first instance, as well as sending pus notifications via the Netatmo app.

Happily, as with most of their product lineup, this new device is compatible with Apple HomeKit, with Google and Amazon Alexa not being mentioned in this instance.

“What is carbon monoxide, and why should I be concerned about it?”, might be the first question some people ask. Without going into a lot of detail, carbon monoxide is an invisible, odourless gas that can kill quickly if it isn’t detected in time, and is responsible for a lot of deaths in the home, many of which could be avoided with either properly functioning and maintained equipment, which includes gas-powered immersion heaters, gas ovens or gas fires. Proper ventilation, and of course, CO sensors are also a good way to let you know when there’s a potential for Carbon monoxide in the air you’re breathing.

Netatmo’s newest offering joins a list of other sensors the company make, including a smoke alarm/sensor, a smart Weather Station, and an Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

The sensor features a wall-mounted design, with a simple button on the front, and icons corresponding to colour LEDs on the top of the device, that is encircled (…ensquared?) by a grille that allows for the intake and sample of the surrounding air, in order to detect any traces of carbon monoxide. The built-in siren is capable of reaching 85dB, whilst the built-in battery will last on average up to 10 years before the whole unit would need to be replaced. Buying a new device may seem odd, but this is standard and recommended for both CO and smoke alarms, regardless of whether they’re dumb or smart.

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Netatmo is not the first company to release a carbon monoxide sensor, however, with First Alert/OneLink releasing a small selection of smoke alarms that also include a CO sensor, as well as their Environment monitor, which we reviewed a couple of years ago (see above). Polish company Fibaro also offers a CO alarm/sensor.

As the device is battery operated, installation is very simple, as is demonstrated in the company’s video above. The technical specs also state that the device has both Bluetooth and WiFi, although it seems to suggest that for HomeKit, only Bluetooth is used, which is a shame unless the chip they use is capable of Thread at a later date. The Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm is available for preorder from Netatmo’s own site, priced at UK£89.99 or €100 with shipping starting on 16th November. Currently, however, it’s not available to US customers.

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