Nuki Lock 3.0, 3.0 Pro Lineup And More Announced

Austria-based smart lock company Nuki Home Solutions (better known simply as Nuki) unveiled their latest products, namely the Nuki Lock 3.0 and Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro at their press event today. As the product name would clearly imply, this is the third iteration of their popular smart lock – broken down into two separate models – a retrofit device that simply fits over the top of your current lock and key, leaving the outside portion of the lock unchanged.

The Nuki Lock 3.0/3.0 Pro build on the previous two generations, this time improving the internal gears and mechanisms to reduce the overall sound emitting from the mechanics. The biggest change, however, comes with the Pro, which now comes with an internal WiFi module, that essentially allows the lock to connect directly to the users’ WiFi network, and dispense with the Nuki Bridge if they were previously using one. The Nuki Bridge isn’t required for users who solely use Nuki via the app, but is required for Google or Amazon integration, as well as remote access via the Nuki app. The Nuki Bridge has never been a requirement for HomeKit users, as long as they have a suitable ‘Home Hub’ (Apple TV4 or later, HomePod, HomePod Mini). Only the Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro comes with the Wifi Module built-in.

The Pro also comes in black, as before, but also in White, a finish that was originally introduced by the company late last year as a limited edition. The standard Nuki Lock 3.0 only comes in a white finish, which also includes the rotary lock mechanism but is instead made of plastic, whilst the Pro retains a new and improved stainless steel finish for the rotary knob. Additionally, the company’s battery pack, released at the end of last year, comes with the 3.0 Pro as standard. If you already own a battery pack, it will be compatible with the Nuki Lock 3.0.

The third update that comes with both the standard and pro options is that the internal door sensor that worked in combination with a supplied magnet, has now been removed. Instead, to provide more accurate and reliable data on the status of the door, the company have introduced their own contact sensor that connects directly to your lock using Bluetooth 5.0. The contact sensor is designed exclusively for the Nuki app, and will not work with any other smart home ecosystems, however.

The company provided one more new piece of hardware, which they hope will make installing the Nuki lock an even better and easier experience for more consumers who might have issues with their lock cylinder not being compatible with Nuki Lock, namely the new Universal Cylinder. Older door locks, in particular, are often not equipped with the so-called emergency function that allows the door to be unlocked from the outside if a key is inserted on the inside. This function is not only recommended for using Nuki, it is generally advised to use cylinders like this. It is individually adjustable in length to fit most doors, and was developed in cooperation with the industry-leading expert M&C and has the highest SKG security class (3 stars).

The current Nuki keyfob and keypads will also work with the new locks.

Whilst all these announcements were welcome, there was nothing concrete regarding the lock and future compatibility with the upcoming smart home protocol Matter, although due to Matter being a software-based function, there would seem to be no reason why this can’t be implemented at a later date, perhaps when Matter becomes more established. Apple’s Home Key function is also not on the cards, unfortunately, and it does remain to be seen how widely this new NFC+ functionality is adopted down the line.

The price for the Nuki Lock 3.0 is just €149, whilst the 3.0 Pro is selling for an extra 100 euros, at €249, although bear in mind for the extra cost, you are getting a device with WiFi built-in, the battery pack as standard, and a stainless steel doorknob, instead of the plastic one found on the standard model.

If you want to know more about their current lock, you can check out our overview video above, or read the in-depth written review HERE.

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