Hints of a Possible New HomePod Surface (U)

* Update: It would seem that whilst there are clues to a new HomePod, the blurry orb in the background isn’t it. According to Ricky Mondello, on his Twitter account, it’s merely a ball of elastic bands…

This still doesn’t negate the fact that references to a new audio device are referenced in the code, so hopefully, something tangible (as opposed to elastic – ha!) will show up at some point.

Apple has given two indications of a new HomePod since Monday. On the one hand, there is a new model name in the current iOS 16 beta, and on the other, in the video “Platforms State of the Union” it appears that, in the background, there’s an object that could be a larger HomePod mini.

New model name appears

In the current beta of iOS16, a new model name has appeared that indicates a previously unreleased HomePod. While the original HomePod model named “AudioAccessory1”, with the HomePod mini named “AudioAccessory5”, 9to5mac could find references to a new model called “AudioAccessory6” in the code for iOS 16.

Most recently, Ming-Chi-Kuo reported that a new HomePod in the 4th Quarter 2022 or 1. Quarter 2023 is to be released. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg also reported that Apple is testing a combination of HomePod and Apple TV.

The placement of a possible new HomePod in the “Platforms State of the Union” video seems almost too obvious. From minute 44:03, there is an object in the blurred background that could be a larger HomePod mini.

If this is actually a new HomePod, Apple has definitely placed the hint there on purpose. The videos are precisely planned and each decorative object is carefully selected. However, the round shape, which is also round upwards, speaks against a new HomePod. As you know, HomePod mini has a touch-sensitive display on the top, which interrupts the sphere shape there.


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  • That’s literally a ball of rubber bands. Ricky has a picture and explanation on their twitter.

  • You should read, where the original post was made. There is an update that it is only a ball made out of rubber bunds.

  • the person in the video goes by they not he

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