Sonoff Prepare for release of First Matter-Enabled Relay

Sonoff is to many, a well-known manufacturer of low-cost smart home devices. So far, however, the products could only be integrated into Apple Home indirectly (HomeBridge being a prime example). That should change soon, however, when Sonoff will release the first Matter device.

The Sonoff MINIR4M, the successor to the already available MINIR4 is set to be released in May. The exceptionally compact, flush-mounted module is intended to integrate existing light switches into the smart home. The switch can also be decoupled from the connected load, which is a more unique feature. If you use an intelligent light source and do not want the power to be interrupted via the switch, this is no problem with the Sonoff MINIR4M.

While the previous model can only be integrated into Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the new version should also support Apple Home and other smart home systems via Matter, including Samsung SmartThings.

If the price of the new model is also based on the previous model, it would be an absolute hit with a recommended retail price of only $9.90 and would finally show off the advantages of Matter in the HomeKit world. Namely, that devices that could not previously be integrated into Apple Home can officially support Apple’s smart home platform via Matter.

Both models would work on 2.4GHz WiFi, which whilst not a surprise, is less of an attractive proposition compared to Thread-enabled devices.


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10 thoughts on “Sonoff Prepare for release of First Matter-Enabled Relay

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  • “Matter” is a standard, of which among other, wi-fi and bluetooth are included, thus all devices that functions using said communication methods are already “matter enabled”.

    • That’s not correct. Just because a device has WiFi or another means of communication, doesn’t automatically make it Matter-enabled.

    • As the editor mentioned, it’s more complicated than that.

      Matter is an “application layer” that is architecturally above the “transportation layer” where the network protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and thread are defined. So there are many thread and Wi-Fi devices that will not support matter. And that may not ever be capable of supporting matter because of additional memory requirements.

      If we use the standard post office example, the transport layer defines the size and shape of the envelope that will be accepted. Matter defines the language that the letter is written in. If you send someone a letter written in Italian, just because you use the right size envelope and address it properly for delivery and use the right amount of postage, it doesn’t mean the recipient will be able to understand the contents of the letter. Wi-Fi deals with the outside of the envelope. Matter defines the format of the message contents.

  • Very interesting report, thank you!

    One small note, and this may just be a syntax issue, we’ve already seen the benefits of matter for Apple Home users with the SwitchBot 2 hub, which now allows existing curtainbot devices to be used directly in the Apple Home App when they never could be before. Also some Wiz lightbulb models can now be added via Matter.

    Over the next year or so, we should start seeing lots more candidate devices made available to Apple Home users at all different price points via Matter. Definitely something to look forward to!

  • I hope it will be use with 220v solenoid valve to make an irrigation system ( not sure , i use many that don’t work and come offline 2 days later after off/on )

  • I’d love to see a zigbee version of this although sonoff seems to have moved away from developing zigbee products

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  • Hi there.
    Until now, can’t find a Sonoff Mini R4M to purchase.
    Do you know when it will be available? I thought that was available since May

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