Hue Lightguide Returns With Just One Bulb Model

In the summer of last year, Philips Hue introduced a trio of white ambience and colour bulbs collected under the Lightguide series. Not too soon after, however, all three distinctive bulbs were pulled from their store. The company stated at the time “…in recent tests, an aesthetic inconsistency was detected that is not in line with the experience we envisioned.” prompting a recall.

Now Hue, without much fanfare, it would seem, has relaunched one of these three bulbs, which under the collection was known as the ‘Elipse’. It still retains the same name, although, of course, it’s currently the only light in this series.

The bulb comes with its own more or less unique shape but is all capable of both warm to cool whites, as well as the full range of 16 million colours, as standard. The glass portion of the bulb is clear, much like the filament bulbs the company released a while back, although the LEDs in this case come in a rather missile-shaped feature that certainly gives it a 70s retro vibe. Due to this peculiar shape and the clear globe, the bulb is only capable of 500lm (6.5W), but as it’s clearly designed to be seen, and almost certainly more for mood lighting, this should be ok.

The company also sells the Lightguide ‘cord’ fitting to go with the bulbs, as seen in the picture above. Currently, this fitting is available in Hue’s own store in black or white, whilst places like only sell the black version. The bulb itself is available via Hue’s website or via for a still pricy €100!

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2 thoughts on “Hue Lightguide Returns With Just One Bulb Model

  • Hey

    Just wondering if you know if the Nanoleaf SecretLab MAGRGB supports HomeKit adaptive lighting after a firmware update just like the essentials line?

    Love your stuff and how comprehensive it is, got me to buy the Qing ping air monitor and the Aqara G4 doorbell recently. I think you could consider making a “roundup” video for the different features of HomeKit like adaptive lighting and what devices currently support it, similar to how you compare the feature set of the alternative products at the end of some videos like the smart AC ones. I think with Matter, more people are potentially getting into HomeKit but would not click based a product name but might be searching for videos on a certain feature they are looking for. Might get more people to start looking at your other really useful videos deepdiving into the product, it really has content and information i could only find in ur videos and website.


    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. As far as I’m aware, the SecretLab strip doesn’t support Adaptive Lighting, even with the last update. This probably isn’t such a surprise given it’s more geared towards gamers than home use, but it is probably still capable. As regards your suggestions, I appreciate the suggestion, and it could be a good angle to look into. Just need to find some spare time! I don’t have any right now, unfortunately…

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