Orvibo Adds Matter Support to MixPad D1 Dimmer w/Display

Back in January fo 2023, we reviewed the MixPad D1 Dimmer Switch from Orvibo, and whilst we get regular requests to review products, unless they’re HomeKit compatible, or at the very least have a Siri Shortcuts compatible app, we simply say no. The MixPad got our approval on two counts, first of all, it is Shortcuts compatible, and were told Matter (over WiFi) support was coming. We’ve all heard these kinds of promises before of course, but I’m glad to report that Matter support for the MixPad has now arrived via a firmware update.

If you’re not familiar with the MixPad D1, it’s a smart dimmer switch that also includes a touchscreen display. This screen can show things like local weather or the time, with different display options. Additionally, it can be programmed to control other Orvibo devices, including their other light switches or even their own IR blaster. You can see these features in more detail via our video below or via our written review;

The new firmware v3.4.4, available directly via the device itself, updates the MixPad, allowing it to be added to your Matter platform of choice, whereby a Matter QR code is shown on the display for you to scan and add it.

As you can see from the screenshots above, I’ve been able to add the MixPad D1 to Apple Home using the Matter QR code. This now provides me with a functioning dimmer switch. I can also add this to subsequent platforms if I so wish.

The MixPad D1 is available on for just US$54.00 once you apply the US$25.00 coupon.

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  • Looks really good, but, as always, a “Matter, Thread, dimmer” — choose any two — light switch.

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