Onvis Announce Updated All-in-One Security Device W/ Thread

Onvis today announced a new version of their original CS1 Security Device – aptly named the CS2 – which combines a contact sensor and an up to 120dB alarm, along with temperature and humidity sensors! The update reboots what was previously a Bluetooth device with Thread connectivity, as well as some minor feature updates.

The CS2 is essentially a contact sensor with a built-in siren that is designed to attach to a door, allowing the sensor to trigger itself and play a piercing 120dB alarm sound that should deter potential intruders before they’ve had a chance to set foot into your property, as well as act as a standard contact sensor for automations in Apple HomeKit. I only mention HomeKit, as this is a HomeKit over Thread device, not Matter over Thread, even though the company have already released a Matter smart plug with variants for the US, UK, and EU. We’re told the reason for the lack of Matter certification is that Matter doesn’t support alarms at this point.

Add to this sensors for temperature and humidity, and you could have a tool that works well for front doors that are both a main point of entry for either people in your home or potential intruders, but also the type of location where cold and damp is an entry point, which you’d be able to keep an eye on with said built-in sensors.

Like alarm functionality found in other devices like Aqara’s Zigbee hubs, for example, the CS2 also offers the full four alarm modes – Off, Home, Away, and Sleep. With the contact sensor, you can also set an automation to arm the alarm to Away mode, when you close the door behind you on your way to work, if you’re the last person to leave home.

Due to Thread connectivity, you’ll get faster, and more consistent response times compared to Bluetooth, as well as the option to have this connect to a nearby Thread Router device if your nearest Border Router is not close enough, which is something that wasn’t possible with the Bluetooth model.

One thing to note for people who previously suffered phantom notifications, which plagued the previous model; according to an Onvis representative this bug was fixed at least a couple of iOS versions ago, so for those who experienced it, you can relax!

Finally, as with the company’s Thread contact sensor, they’ve reduced the size of the logo considerably, which shows that they do listen to feedback on all aspects.

The CS2 is already Thread certified, with HomeKit certification incoming, and is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2024. Although we don’t have a firm price for the unit yet, if the price of their smart plugs and contact sensors is anything to go by, this should be very reasonably priced.

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