ZemiSmart Unveil Their First Matter Enabled Filament Bulbs

ZemiSmart has released yet another Matter product, and on this occasion it’s a dimmable and tuneable filament bulb. In the case of this Matter product, it uses Matter over WiFi, so not so great for us Thread fans, but as it’s Matter certified and WiFi, there’s no hub or app to worry about other than the one for your preferred ecosystem, which to many is a plus.

One word of caution for our US readers, however; This is only designed for 220~240V AC @50Hz, so it won’t work with US voltage standards unfortunately. If you’re in the EU though, you’ll be able to use this bulb without any issues. The bulb itself comes in the very retro ST54 pear-shaped design that we first saw with Philips Hue’s own releases a few years back, although the original models were set to warm white. ZemiSmart’s offering, on the other hand, covers 2700~6500K, to produce both warm and standard ‘day’ light.

at only 7 watts, this is not going to be suitable for the brightest of environments, but it should be fine for counter tops in the kitchen, or even for stylish retro accent lighting, given that it’s dimmable of course. As this is a Matter product, if you’re also a fan of the Tuya platform, you can also add it, as long as you’ve got the ZemiSmart M1 Gateway, which is a Matter Controller (only for Tuya), as well as a Zigbee hub, and a Thread Border Router. You can check out our video of the hub below, and if you’re interested in buying one, you can purchase them directly from ZemiSmart’s own store for US$16.50 or the equivalent currency you use.

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