iOS ‘Controller For HomeKit (Pro)’ app updated with new features

A while ago we reviewed Controller for HomeKit (Pro)’ by the developer Jan André, and now to show us what all good developers do, he has introduced some new and exclusive features in addition to making previously Pro only features part of the Free version, so we’re listing them here as we think you’ll find them very useful;

  • FREE: Redone automations with intuitive and flexible grouping. Easily clone an automation for different days.
  • PRO: Clone a weekly timer easily for all other weekdays. Great if you need different times each weekday!
  • PRO: iOS Calendar synchronization of time-based automations.
  • PRO: See the automations that use a scene right at the scenes view itself.
  • PRO: The service view shows the scenes and automations which include it. Easily figure out if your automations for a service are setup right. No more search through all scenes and automations to find the place where a specific service is used.

The update is available now in the app store as a free or paid purchase, or as an update if you already have it installed.

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