Mijia Reveal New HomeKit-Enabled Desk Lamp Pro

Mijia have announced the brand new Mijia Table Lamp Pro, which was recently listed on Apple’s HomeKit accessories page. As with the new Mi Bedside Lamp 2, this is HomeKit compatible and will also work with both the Mi Home and Home apps.

The lamp has a three-joint arm, connected to the base of the lamp, that also houses the main control dial. The arm can extend to a maximum of 66cm. This lamp is the successor to the award winning Mi Desk Lamp, first released in 2016.

As this is primarily a desk/reading lamp, it’s not colour as such, opting for the spectrum of cool to warm whites.

The lamp uses Wi-Fi for communication but also has Bluetooth built-in, although this is probably just be for initial pairing. It could also be as a Bluetooth gateway, which Xiaomi products have been used for in the past.

The lamp will go on sale in Mainland China on January 11th.

Eric Yao

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2 thoughts on “Mijia Reveal New HomeKit-Enabled Desk Lamp Pro

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  • I have several of the older ones (with the red connector between top/bottom of pillars).
    They’re *great* lights. I have some in 3 countries now!

    This doesn’t look like its a replacement – its on the xiaomi site as the “mijia desk lamp pro”, and priced at more than double the price of the older one (which is usually on special for 149rmb) at 349rmb.

    Bit $$, but probably worth ordering, as its homekit compatible.

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