Koogeek Environment Monitor Available in Amazon EU & US Stores [UPDATE]

The latest offering from Koogeek – the A1 Environment Monitor – that we reported on a couple of weeks back, has now finally surfaced on some amazon EU stores (Germany, the UK, FranceItaly and Spain), although it’s still listed as currently unavailable  and is now also available in the US Amazon store.

the A1 measures the air in your home, reporting on PM2.5 and PM10, Humidity, temperature, VOCs, in addition to an ambient light sensor, motion sensor and sound sensor. So, with these kinds of specs, it should be a popular item. One odd thing we noticed with the Amazon listing is that the product image is slightly different from the one used on Koogeek’s own site. If you look at the light/motion sensor at the top of the front face, the Amazon image has a series of dots encircling the sensor. This could be for sound detection, or it could be merely decorative. There’s no way to tell at this time, and even which version is the current or official version.

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10 thoughts on “Koogeek Environment Monitor Available in Amazon EU & US Stores [UPDATE]

  • There are some reviews on german e-bay already, which are generally ok. One thing they all mention is that the device has a small internal ventilator (to suck in air I guess) and it makes so much noise that the device is not suitable to put in bedrooms, the buzzing sound is too loud for sleeping.

    • Hi Vaho, thanks for the information, it’s good to know.

    • I meant to say Amazon of course not e-bay..:-)

    • So is, I’ve bought one, and inmediately I returned it… The noise is very loud. When pass ten minutes, the device enters in sleeping mode, all off… no measures, nothng. Or measures with horrible sound or silence without measures… It’s a pity…

      • the sound is too much for the bedroom misshien, but not disturbing for the living room. there is an interval function that is activated by the motion sensor. this is adjustable. (currently testing)

  • From the Amazon DE reviews also looks like not all the sensors are exposed to HomeKit – temperature and humidity are present, as is the motion detector and the nightlight, but room light levels, sound and air quality may only available in the Koogeek app.

    Koogeek haven’t posted any kind of manual to their website for this yet, so actually finding out what works with HomeKit is a bit of a problem. If anybody has one, some screenshots of it the Home app would be really great!

    • I’ve got the iHome 5 in 1 Monitor and while that has sound detection, it too doesn’t expose it to the Home app, although it is in 3rd party apps. I’d be surprised if the Air Quality part wasn’t as this is its main purpose (I feel), and given that the Laser Egg 2 has its Air Quality sensor (actually a Pm2.5 sensor to be more accurate) exposed to HomeKit, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Hopefully I can get more info on this. Thanks for sharing.

      • Interesting. iOS 13 can track noise, but it does it via the Health app, not HomeKit, using an app on the Apple Watch as the primary sensor. Wonder if Apple will expand the ability to HomeKit at some point…

        Since the Koogeek A1 has two particulate air quality sensors, PM10 and PM2.5, I wonder if it would exposes them separately, or somehow aggregate the data in one “Air Quality” metric.

        Mine is on order, but won’t arrive now until after the weekend. We’ll see then, I suppose.

        • Of the Koogeek is anything like the Laser Egg 2/2+, then it would only be the one metric and one tile I’m guessing. It should be just the one sensor that measures the separate size of participants, as I understand it, but I could be wrong. Would be interested to know what does and doesn’t get exposed to the Home app and 3rd party HomeKit apps (Eve for example), when you get it and have the time.

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