Yeelight HomeKit ‘Star’ Floor Lamp Officially Released

Back at the start of July, we reported on the existence of four new HomeKit compatible Yeelight lamps – two desk lamps, a bedside lamp, and a floor lamp. Of these, it would seem at least one of these has now officially been unveiled on the Xiaomi Youpin Store in China.

The Yeelight Star Floor Lamp, as you can guess by the name, is a floor lamp that’s compatible with HomeKit, as well as the Xiaomi Home app (Mi home) as well as Yeelight’s own app. It’s essentially a floor lamp with a built-in array of LEDs that are housed in a special enclosure designed to look and act like a regular lamp shade.

the light itself is designed to emit full colour from the ambient light at the top of the ‘shade’, with cool and warm whites for the main downfacing light, so between them, they cover the 2700 – 6500K range. To control the lamp physically, the same control interface that is used on the Mi Bedside Lamp 2 is used, which uses two touch-sensitive buttons as well as a slide control for brightness.

images of the Floor Lamp with the Star Table Lamp.

The total height of the lamp, including the base, comes in at  1.625m / 64in, with the circular base being 246.5mm / 9.705in. It’s capable of working in all regions accepting 100-240v at 50/60Hz and uses 12w of power. As with all Yeelight products, it uses wifi for its method of connection.

The other product you see is the Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro. From what we’ve been told, the table lamp will come with two options; one with a Qi charging mat built into the base, and a standard lamp with no charging option. Once this becomes available, which should be soon, we’ll know more about the options and price.

In China, the lamp is priced at RMB699, which is approximately UK£80.00 or US$99.00, although if and when it becomes available on third-party reseller sites such as GearBest and AliExpress, it’ll surely be a fair bit more expensive, not least due to the physical size of the product in regards to shipping.

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