Xiaomi Conference Unveils Pricing For New Hub

Xiaomi’s annual developer ‘get-together’, known as MiDC, announced a lot of new products and services today, but also officially announced a couple of new products that relate to HomeKit and Mi Home. The first of these new products is the long-awaited update to the Mi Gateway, which also allegedly comes in HomeKit and Non-Homekit varieties.

We’ve been talking up this hub, and the Aqara equivalent for a while now, with both devices having similar specs, although currently, the Aqara version still seems to be a way off from a release date. The Mi Hub has been on beta test for a while now, with around a hundred users in Mainland China testing the hub, with many images posted online, revealing aspects of the hub, including the HomeKit code. Indeed, even officially released images reveal the HomeKit QR code, albeit not altogether blatantly. As reported previously, the new hub will not only feature ZigBee 3.0 but wifi, Bluetooth as well as Bluetooth mesh, which will make it a real powerhouse.

The Mi Hub, (with model number DMWG03LM for the HomeKit version) for will be released on December 12th in Mainland China, although there’s currently no mention of an international release. The image we were able to obtain, does show a price of RMB129, which is insanely cheap, at under US$20, although it’s unlikely you’ll be paying that little if you were to order it from places like GearBest or AliExpress. Another possible reason for the low price in the image is that this could be the cost for the non-HomeKit version only, as in the image you do only see the ‘Works with Mijia’ logo, with no HomeKit logo in sight. This could alternately just be due to the company presentation focusing solely on Xiaomi and Mi Home, so it’s hard to be certain.

Soon after December 12th, there should be more information on the new hub, so we’ll update the article or post new info as necessary.

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13 thoughts on “Xiaomi Conference Unveils Pricing For New Hub

  • Will light sensor will compatible with previous version of the hub?

    • I don’t think it will be compatible with the older Mi Hubs. It should be compatible with the current Aqara hub though.

      • atm it’s only on official subdevice lists for new combo hubs.

  • I’m sick of new hub/gateway every year lol

    My Aqara hub still doesn’t work with HomeKit… I bought a 2nd one did I mention it?!

  • Given that previous hubs were more expensive for the apple homekit version, my guess is this is mi home only, and there will be another more expensive international version coming out later.

    • 99% sure it’s mgl03 with homekit. they will sell hub underpriced, but new sensors will be more expensive (console way of doing business).

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  • I wonder what is the difference between this and the black one?

    • The Black one, which is the Aqara model, has an ethernet port so you can connect it directly to your router. The white Mijia one doesn’t. Apart from that, they have much the same specs I believe.

      • I remember the Aqara M2 has IR blaster as well?

        • It has some form of IR tech, but the company haven’t elaborated on what functionality it has, so it might not be able to act as an IR blaster. We’ll know eventually.

  • Will current Aqara sensors/switches work with the new hubs?

    • The new hubs should be backward compatible with older sensors yes, as Zigbee is backward compatible. Old hubs won’t be compatible with newer sensors though, but when I say older hubs, I’m only referring to the old Mijia hubs, not the current Aqara hub.

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