Add Bling to Your Home App with HomeKit Wallpapers (giveaway)

With the increasing popularity of HomeKit in the last couple of years, it’s inevitable that people not only want a custom smart home, with all that it entails, but also want to customise the way the Home app looks too. This is easy enough to do in the Home app by simply adding your own images. Whilst this may be the quickest way to achieve this, some photos may not work with your iPad as well as iPhone.

Fortunately, Iven at, along with a group of talented graphic designers, has collected an ever-growing selection of wallpapers specifically designed for the Home app on both iPad and iPhone. Each set of wallpapers has a different theme, with four themes to choose from, currently, with more to be added on an ongoing basis. Within each set, there are fifteen separate designs (30 images in total – 15 for iPad, 15 for iPhone) that relate to specific standard rooms – bedroom, living room, Kitchen, Garage etc.).

As you might be unsure which theme you prefer, the website allows you to download a sample wallpaper to try before you buy the set. The good news is that HomeKit News has teamed up with HomeKitWallpapers, to offer ten random users a free code (worth US$2.99) to download a set of your choice. All you need to do to is go to our Twitter page (@homekitnews), look for the pinned tweet at the top of the page, and retweet it, making sure that both @infohomekitnews and @HomekitW are included in the retweet. Assuming your Twitter account isn’t set to Private, HomeKit Wallpapers will then contact ten randomly chosen ‘reTweeters’, sending them a one-time discount code along with a link, to download a free set of wallpapers of your choice. The giveaway will be active for 5 days from the date of this post.

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Add Bling to Your Home App with HomeKit Wallpapers (giveaway)

  • Is possible to sync wallpapers between iPad and iPhone ?

    • Not at the moment. Hopefully Apple will add this functionality eventually.

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