Smartmi Air Purifier and New App to Gain HomeKit Integration

You may not be too familiar with the name Smartmi, but they are one of the many companies that provide devices to Xiaomi, that are then given the Mi or Mijia branding, most notably the Mijia standing fans (read our review HERE).

In fact, the company make a ton of different products under their own brand name as well, although many of these are restricted to Chinese consumers, with a few exceptions.

The company has now recently released its own app that, on the initial installation, asks for access to your ‘Home Data’ (i.e. HomeKit). As you can see, there’s more than enough evidence that the company has HomeKit in its sights, at least via the app for now. In the app, you can see that the only device currently listed is their new P1 Air Purifier. Now just because the App has some form of HomeKit integration, and they have the P1 listed in the app, doesn’t necessarily mean that the P1 would be HomeKit compatible. However, with just a quick Google search, we’ve found separate video and written reviews, from January that both mention HomeKit integration.

The video from TecTronic9000 goes through the basics of the purifier and briefly mentions ‘Siri’ in terms of integration, which of course, could mean Siri Shortcuts, although the written review on specifically mentions HomeKit integration.

When it comes to the P1 itself, it would appear this particular product is being crowdfunded via Indiegogo and as such, isn’t commercially available at this time.

When it comes to the design of the P1, it appears to be similar in size to the recently HomeKit enabled Molekule Air Mini+. Both devices come with a leave carry strap, although the design and placement are different. The two devices also look different enough for no accusations of plagiarism to surface either.

The air purifier has dual sensors for PM2.5 and pollen, and according to the page on IndieGogo, “…250m³/h CADR, Smartmi P1 purifies 320 sq. ft in 10 minutes. That’s twice as powerful as similar-sized air purifiers. The 360° Air Intake & 3D Circulated Wind Tunnel directs clean air everywhere.”

There’s no mention of price at this time, but if their other products are any measure of the cost, it’s going to be very competitive. As it stands, the only easily available air purifier with HomeKit is the Vocolinc SmartFlow, which we reviewed last year (check out our video below or the written review HERE).

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4 thoughts on “Smartmi Air Purifier and New App to Gain HomeKit Integration

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  • Nice news and it would be really good if they could release a firmware update for their fans that adds support for HomeKit.

    Question: How do you get the verification code within the app for registering? Have tried several ways without succeeding to register an account within Europe…


    • Hi Mikael, yes I’m also hoping they start certifying their fans too. You can add many of them via HomeBridge, but official support would be way better.

      I just did a quick test to add myself to the app, with the European region selected, and had no problems. It’s not entirely clear in the app, but this is how I did it;

      1. Select Region, then make sure to tap the ‘tick’ icon in the top corner.
      2. when it returns to the screen with the various options (language, firmware update etc), press the circular ‘smartmi’ icon at the top
      3. a different page will appear, select ’email’
      4. select your region again if it’s not the European one
      5. look at the bottom of the screen and you’ll see ‘register’, tap that
      6. on the next screen, enter your email, then press ‘verification code transmission’
      7. you should then get a 6 digit code via email, that you enter in the relevant section
      8. complete the process by adding a password, ticking the box for T&Cs, and click register.

      • Thanks, worked just fine now. Apparently the sent verification emails got stuck in the spam-filter. 🙂

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