Leviton Release WiFi Scene Controller Switch

Leviton today announced the introduction of the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch, a significant enhancement to its My Leviton platform and award-winning Decora Smart Wi-Fi product line, which offers a full portfolio of Wi-Fi lighting and load controls with a solution for every room and home. The new device features a keypad with three user-customizable buttons to control room scenes or whole house lighting activities, as well as a built-in smart switch that can control general-purpose lighting and loads up to 15A. Ideal for entryways, bedrooms and kitchens, homeowners can simply replace their existing standard light switch and gain three Internet of Things (IoT) scene control buttons, plus a fully capable smart switch for connected lights.

Residents have the option of using the My Leviton app or the Apple Home app to set up the top three buttons with custom scenes and automation activities. For example, control multiple Decora Smart WiFi devices together using commands such as ‘All Off’, ‘Movie Time’, ‘Party Mode’, ‘Game Night’, and more. Homeowners can also personalize their scene buttons by ordering custom engraved buttons (available in the U.S. only) through the My Leviton app. Custom scene buttons are available in six colour options, including black and grey, to provide high–end lighting control system functionality and design at affordable everyday prices.

“The Scene Controller Switch works with the My Leviton app and Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices to create a wireless home lighting control system with no complex programming required,” explained James Shurte, senior product manager, Leviton. “Flexible multi-button control options for room scenes or whole house lighting activities, plus the ability to optionally manage HomeKit Scenes and Accessories, makes the Scene Controller Switch an incredibly capable solution for one-touch control of a room or the entire home.”

With its convenient built-in 15A Smart Switch, the device easily replaces existing switches without the need for additional wiring, making it ideal for retrofit as well as new construction applications. The bottom button, labelled with a lightbulb icon, controls the home’s connected lighting loads just like a regular switch. It offers the same features and benefits as a Leviton D215S Smart Switch, including voice control with Amazon Alexa™, Hey Google®, and Apple Siri®, as well as scheduling, inclusion in scenes/activities, and an optional auto-shutoff timer capability. Additionally, it can be used in single-pole or multi-location applications when paired with the wire-free Leviton DAWSC Anywhere Switch Companion or the wired DD0SR Switch Companions. The Scene Controller Switch connects to WiFi and does not require a hub or bridge.

The new Wi-Fi Scene Controller Switch, like any product from the Leviton Decora Smart WiFi family, including dimmers, switches, fan speed controls, outlets, and smart plugs, can be included in custom lighting scenes through the intuitive My Leviton app. Residents can configure the top three buttons via the app for functions such as:

  • ON or OFF of multiple Decora Smart WiFi devices with one button press
  • ON/OFF toggle control of an individual Decora Smart Wi-Fi device
  • Capture and enable a My Leviton Room Lighting Scene such as “Movie Time”
  • Run a My Leviton Whole House Activity such as “All Off”
  • Toggle My Leviton “Home” or “Away” Modes
  • Trigger an IFTTT applet for expanded automation across third-party services and products

Notably, the top three scene buttons can be configured for use with Apple HomeKit. Simply use with an Apple Home Hub to control third-party HomeKit scenes and accessories like thermostats, locks, and more with the press of a button. As you leave the house, just push a button labelled “All Off” to turn off any HomeKit-compatible devices as well as Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi products.

Leviton’s new Decora Smart products are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. All Decora Smart devices are compatible with Decora® and Decora Plus™ screwless wallplates.

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