HomeKit Ceiling Lights Announced by Mijia

Just a few days ago we reported on a trio of new HomeKit enabled ceiling lights as part of a new cooperation between lighting company Opple and Aqara, and within that article, we briefly referenced a similar clutch of forthcoming new lights from Mijia. The company have now officially announced these new lights, which were first spotted by our friend Guillaume Mamosa at the French Facebook Group Xiaomi Domotique, La communauté francophone.

The new ceiling lights are the rectangular Mi smart LED Living Room Ceiling Light, the Mi Smart LED Ceiling light (350mm), and the Mi Smart LED Ceiling light (450mm). All three are able to generate the full gamut of warm to cool whites and are compatible with Apple HomeKit as well as Mi Home, in addition to being able to generate up to 8,000 lumens. As they work with HomeKit, they can be controlled via Siri, but if you’re in China, you can also use the Xiao-Ai range of smart assistants to control them as well.

What’s even more intriguing is that all three ceiling lights will feature a Bluetooth gateway, that will allow you to connect many of the company’s Bluetooth device, like temperature sensors or plant monitors. The company don’t specify if these gateways are Bluetooth mesh, however, so it’s likely they are just regular gateways.

All three lighting fixtures are also designed to produce accurate colour rendering to Ra95 standard, something that we’ve seen in a lot of Yeelight products lately, as well as special sealed fixtures that eliminate the inevitable problem with bugs of all kinds getting trapped inside and dying, leaving a graveyard of insects.

These new products will undoubtedly only initially be available in China but expect to see them for sale on websites like AliExpress and GearBest before too long.

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