Cleargrass E-Ink Temperature Sensor With HomeKit Now Available in China

It would seem that based on an advert for the newest product by China-based Qingping, namely the Cleargrass temperature & Humidity sensor, this new product goes on sale in Mainland China today, with a price tag of RMB169 (equal to approx. US$24). We originally reported on the existence of this way back in later 2019, so it seems to have taken some time to finally come to fruition, but there’s no doubt it’ll be a popular item.

The new model follows the same design cues as the current non-HomeKit model, with not only the E-Ink display, but the options to have it sat at a desk, with an extendable kickstand, or mounted on a wall with the included magnetic mount. This new model will still utilise Bluetooth but will, of course, come with HomeKit compatibility out of the box.

Whilst there are many temperature and humidity sensors available for HomeKit, there aren’t too many with a display, and certainly not many with the qualities that E-Ink can provide, save for the 2nd gen Eve Room, which also includes a VOC sensor and the iHome iSS50 multi-sensor.

As an example of how good e-ink displays are, the image above shows the new version next to the original LCD version that came out around 2 years ago. Whilst they’re relatively clear in this image, in anything even approaching low light conditions, the LCD display is barely visible, which makes the e-Ink display a clear winner in situations like this, even without a backlit display.

The new HomeKit model goes on sale today in China via T-Mall and has already surfaced on other international reseller sites like AliExpress.

Thanks to Guillaume Mamosa at Xiaomi Domotique for the find.

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19 thoughts on “Cleargrass E-Ink Temperature Sensor With HomeKit Now Available in China

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  • Does the new Cleargrass E-ink temperature sensor have the option to display temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius

    • Yes, it does. There’s a button on the back that switches between the two.

  • This looks exactly like the Mi Temperature/Humidity sensor that connects with Bluetooth.

    • Yes, it’s made by the same company and is essentially the same product, but with HomeKit. It still uses Bluetooth.

  • Is t possible to connect the “old version” cleargrass to Homekitt?

    • No. There be a ‘Homekit’ module inside the H version. Apple dose many “requirements” with HomeKit products.

      • It probably does have the HomeKit module, although it’s not a requirement since the introduction of HomeKit software authentication.

  • Does it require a Hub?

    • No, it connects directly to either your home hub (Apple TV, HomePod) or your iPhone.

  • Hello. If I buy one on AliExpress. It will work in EU ?

    • Yes, it will work in HomeKit in any region as long as you get the HomeKit version. Make sure the one you buy has the HomeKit logo, as the non-HomeKit version looks identical.

      • Ok thank you. I think i’lol buy the one you put in the article

  • Got one of these a few days ago and it’s great other than the battery has gone from 98% to 0% in that short time.

    • Hi, that sounds like a faulty unit, as the battery should last around 12 months.

  • Do you know any other difference between the two versions (CGG1 vs CGG1H), other than the homekit-compatibility? The older CGG1 is running 5 Euro cheaper on AliExpress right now. Just wondering if there are any other improvements, like improved energy management.

    • They’re almost identical apart from HomeKit support, although if you use Mi Home, the new model will not work with that app. They may have made small under-the-hood improvement to things like battery life perhaps, but there has been no mention of anything major from the company, so I think it’s mostly the HomeKit support.

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