Aqara M1S Added to EU Server

With the recent news that the ever-elusive Aqara M2 hub has been added to both the European version of the company’s website, as well as the European server in their app, you’d think that would be all in the run-up to Christmas. Think again, as the Aqara M1S has now also been added to the EU servers.

This brings the total of listed Aqara hubs available to European users to four; The Aqara hub, the Aqara M2, the aforementioned Aqara M1S, and the Aqara G2H, which a camera with built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub. Speaking of Zigbee 3.0, all of the above, with the exception of the original hub, use the latest version of Zigbee.

If the M1S is news to you, it’s an update to the current hub, which features the same form factor as the original, including the integrated plug, but with official Zigbee 3.0 compatibility, an improved LED ring, as well as all four alarm modes being exposed to HomeKit, along with syncing of these modes between the Apple Home and Aqara Home apps.

Whilst the M2 has surfaced on a couple of websites in Europe for orders, we’ve yet to see the M1S make an appearance in online stores other than being listed as ‘coming soon’, so there’s no word on price or availability at this time. In the meantime, if you want an overview of the different hubs, you can check out our short video below, or for a more detailed look, you can read our accompanying article on the same subject HERE.

Thanks to Sebastian G for the tipoff

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